After 12th Top 5 Course in India for Best Career Option


1. Master of Business Administration
A Master of Business Administration or MBA is an excellent traditional professional course that rockets your career directly into junior or middle management of a company.

Mean salary: Rs. 10,000,000 -R.1.100 hrs (depends on B-school)

After 12th Top 5 Course in India for Best Career Option
After 12th Top 5 Course in India for Best Career Option
2. Digital Marketing
digital marketing. It is the fastest growing industry in India after 12th Best Course and will create more than two million jobs by 2022. Digital marketing involves learning several processes that will make a website, product or service popular using the Internet as a channel.

Mean Income: Unlimited up to Rs. 15,000

Entrance Exam: No Exam

3. Web Designing
One of the top 5 courses in India is in web designing. This is the work of a web designer. You can do a great web designing course from a reputed institute and also launch your own startup. Or you can work with a company that designs websites for others.

Mean Income: Rs. 3,5,000 – Rs. 70,000

Entrance Exam: No Exam

4. Fashion Designing
Fashion designing after 12th is one of the best courses in India. You should also be aware of the latest fashion trends and designs around the world. If you graduate as a fashion designer from any renowned institute, then this competition bodes well for you. Some of the biggest fashion labels in the world are making rapid inroads in India to capitalize on this fast growing market.

Mean Income: Rs. 3,5,000 to Rs. 1,00,000

Qualification: HSC or equivalent. (60% to 75%)

5. Law
One of the top 5 courses of law in India, law is also a wonderful profession, if you know where to strike. Corporate law, international law, intellectual property rights protection and some other legal fields hold great promise of brilliant careers.

Average Income: Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 1,00,000

Qualification: Bachelor Degree


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