As well, I do sports and I don’t lose weight


Before I start, I want to share with you a phrase that I read a long time ago, and I liked it: “ that weight loss is the consequence of your training, not the reason.” You should run for pleasure, to meet a challenge that you have set, but not only to lose weight. Although exercise is going to help you, what you should modify to achieve weight loss is eating. We can eat many more calories than we burn, and it is proven that exercise alone is not capable of producing significant weight loss, if the diet is not adapted. Also, if you run to lose weight, are you going to leave this sport when you no longer “need it”?

That said, we will clarify whether or not some food habits that are usually carried out to lose weight are correct.

Eat less

It seems a lie, but eating little and going hungry does not imply weight loss. If you are too restrictive with your diet, what you can cause is a deceleration of your metabolism and, consequently, an increase in the difficulty of losing weight.

This occurs by adaptation, it is survival, if we give our body too little it must survive and consequently decides to reduce its daily caloric expenditure (basal metabolism) so that you can continue with your day today. You must not let this happen.

To keep your metabolism agile and active:

  • Eat often, every 3 hours, approximately healthy foods.
  • After training for more than an hour and a half add an extra snack like fruit with yogurt or a commercial recuperator
  • Do not eliminate food groups, your meals should be complete, remember “the idea of ​​the dish”: a large serving of vegetables, a quarter of the whole grain dish (carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, …) and the other Fourth we will fill it with lean proteins (meat, legumes, fish or eggs)
  • Perform exercise. Exercise increases the calories we consume throughout the day, . Still, something more interesting is that it helps you increase your muscle mass in this way your body will spend more calories daily, which will help you maintain weight.

Dine only fruit and yogurt

Dinner helps you recover and complete your daily energy intake. Therefore it must be complete, thus logically having dinner only fruit or fruit and yogurt will not provide us with enough nutrients.

The fruit is healthy and necessary food, but if together at dinner 2, 3, or 4 fruits, the amount of sugar will be excessive and will not help weight loss.

When dinner is not high enough in calories or balanced:

  • As we have said in the previous point, if you go too little, your metabolism slows down, so it is useless to have small dinner if what you get is to reduce your basal metabolism.
  • The next morning has a wrong time. If in one meal we restrict the intake it is usual that in the future the hunger is more significant. Consequently, if you eat little dinner the next morning, you will be more hungry than usual, and it will cost you to avoid pecking.
  • If you have trained just before dinner, you will not recover correctly.

Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet

Do not banish carbs from your meals. Always add some bread, cereals, pasta, rice, or potatoes to have enough energy and perform in your workouts.

Choose them whole, so you enrich your diet in fiber, vitamins, and minerals being more nutritious and satiating.

The amount will depend on several factors such as training, height, and size, but at least they will represent a quarter of the plate up to about three quarters.

Fan of salads

Salads are a quick resource that we often use for our lunches and dinners. But remember that a salad is a mixture of vegetables, mixed vegetables, but not a mix of any type of food.


A pasta salad that has macaroni, crab sticks, tuna, cheese and olives is not a salad because where is the vegetable?

A salad can contain lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, onion, pepper, asparagus, spinach, canons, beets, … but keep in mind that cheese, tuna, olives and sausages increase the calories in your dish.

If you feel like it, you can consume a complete salad as a single dish such as a pasta salad, to which you can add pasta and some type of protein to the vegetable base such as hard boiled egg or tuna. But you will be aware of what you are using, thinking about the foods you add.

Take daily high-fat foods such as avocado, nuts and chia seeds.

These are foods that are very fashionable, you will have read a lot about them and there are reasons to recommend their consumption. Although each one has its special characteristics, they all provide us, in addition to a good amount of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and fiber, this provides a good satiety and consequently a proper appetite regulation and avoiding pecking and the consumption of others. insane foods

If you want to lose weight and have a habit of consuming them, it is correct, what you should keep in mind is that being high in fat is caloric food, therefore keep in mind three things:

  • Alternate your consumption and thus enrich your diet every day, it is not necessary that you consume them every day.
  • Small amounts. A handful of nuts and a fruit or yogurt with a spoonful of chia or a toast with slices of tomato and half an avocado can be a good snack.
  • Eat them at breakfast or as a snack to take advantage of their satiating effect and thus you will not be so eager to peck between meals.

I usually drink smoothies and detox shakes

There are no miracle foods. Detox smoothies, green juices and fat burning shakes seem “a discovery” to lose weight but may not be.


What happens to smoothies and juices?

If you like smoothies, they are an option to consider in your diet, but you should think about the foods you use to make them and what you want to get from them.

If what you want is to make a snack, try not to contain more than one fruit, the rest being green leafy vegetables. You can complete it with a dairy or a drink, such as:

  • A carrot, half an apple, a celery stalk, two hours of lettuce and a skimmed yogurt

If you want to replace a meal you should not use a shake, since getting a full meal in this way will be difficult and unnecessary. And if you are looking for a feeling of satiety will not be a good resource, in this case the foods you need to chew provide a greater satiety.

Smoothies and smoothies are useful before exercising, since being liquid foods they are easily digested. This makes it easier for you to go jogging. You can make a smoothie before training with:

  • Two lettuce leaves, a handful of spinach, half a banana, 4 strawberries and half a glass of rice drink

If you want the detox effect a shake will not be the solution, the important thing is to make a healthy diet, but you can enrich your diet with antioxidants with shakes such as:

  • Half cucumber, a little, 100g pineapple and half lemon juice
  • Broccoli, two carrots, half cucumber, the juice of half a lemon and a little stevia
  • A bunch of spinach, an apple, a little ginger and water

What will help me lose weight?

Your allies to lose weight

The tricks do not exist, nor foods that cause an immediate drop in your weight, but some that can help your goal:

  • Green leafy vegetables: vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach or chard are especially low in calories and very rich in fiber, so they give volume to your food and help you feel satiated with a very low calorie intake.
  • Legumes: they are rich in protein and fiber with what they fill us, complete our food and provide few calories. Although you must watch as you cook them! Potaje and fabada will not be the best options if you want to lose weight, better to cook them with vegetables or eat them in salad.
  • Dairy products: if we choose them skimmed they will help weight loss, performance and health. On the one hand we have fermented milks such as yogurt and kefir that by providing milk bacteria will help your digestion to be better, regulate your intestinal transit and the feeling of abdominal swelling that is generated throughout the day by the digestion of food . In addition, dairy provides us with good quality proteins that can be useful after workouts, a glass of drinkable yogurt gives you protein and carbohydrate in a good proportion, you can also consume cottage cheese or fresh cheese beaten with a piece of fruit and you will have a recuperator Homemade perfect.
  • Proteins of good quality: this nutrient manages to increase the burning of fat in your body, for this reason you must remember to consume them in the main meals in an important amount by choosing those foods that provide us with good quality protein and low fat such as lean meats, the Fish, eggs and legumes.
  • Eggs: They provide us with high biological value protein and the most recent studies certify that they do not cause an increase in cholesterol levels or cardiovascular risks. On the other hand, if we want to lose weight, they are a perfect food: high in protein, they favor thermogenesis (fat burning) and provide good satiety with a low calorie intake.
  • Whole grains: do not exclude them from your plate and less if you are a broker. Choose better whole grains (whole grains). You can also use foods such as oatmeal in your breakfasts or snacks, thus enriching your fiber diet and a progressive supply of energy.
  • Fruits: take two or three every day. As a broker, it is good for you to be a citrus to take more vitamin C and the other yellow, orange, red or violet-like red fruits, to enrich the diet in antioxidants.

Finally, as a general recommendation, avoid or consume very occasionally red and processed meats (such as hamburgers, sausages and fatty sausages) fast food such as pizzas or prepared foods, salty snacks such as french fries and of course, drinks alcoholic and sugary.

With these tips I hope you start the course with energy and you can get what you propose and remember that if you need help you can go to the consultation of a dietitian nutritionist to guide you in a personalized way.

If you are interested in having more information on this topic, nutritionists Sara Martínez and Vanesa Rus address them in


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