Coronavirus: By April 15, parts of 15 UP affected by Coved-19 will be sealed by April 15.

Coronavirus: By April 15 parts of 15 UP affected by Coved-19 will be sealed by April 15

Lucknow: The hotspots of 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh – places where several cases of coronavirus have been seen – will be sealed by April 15, the state’s chief secretary said today. The sealing will begin from midnight, with the official assuring that 100 percent home delivery of essential items will take place in these areas. This list includes Lucknow, Gautam Buddhist city which includes an industrial colony of Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Agra. Shamli and Saharanpur.
So far, 326 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Uttar Pradesh, in which three patients have died and 21 have been injured.

Hotspots are places that have seen numerous cases of COVID-19. The Union Health Ministry has also identified two other types of hotspots. “Emerging hotspots” are areas that have seen a spike in cases over a two-week period, and “potential hotspots” that have high population densities.

There are 15 districts in Uttar Pradesh where the number of COVID-19 cases is more than six. Within these districts, there are areas where one or two cases may occur. These are “hotspots” and will be sealed, the government said. A full list of such areas is expected to be received this evening.

The announcement made by the Yogi Adityanath government comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after a meeting with prominent political leaders, hinted that the nationwide 21-day lockout could be extended. The lockout – announced by PM Modi on 24 March – is expected to be lifted at midnight on 15 April.

The prime minister said he would consult the state’s top ministers, “but lifting the blockade is not possible from all points of view,” the sources told NDTV. A decision is likely to be made after the Prime Minister’s videoconference with State Ministers on April 11.

Earlier this week, Uttar Pradesh had indicated that it would prefer an extension of the blockade.

Awanish Awasthi, additional chief secretary, Uttar Pradesh, said: “When we open the closure it will be after making sure that the state is crown-free. If there is only one person with a positive crown, it will be very difficult to open the closure.” and that’s why it can take time. ”

Some other states, including Assam and Karnataka, governed by BJP, have expressed concern over the lifting of the blockade, indicating that they are in favor of a gradual process. Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot of Congress also spoke in favor of a gradual withdrawal.


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