Coronavirus Updates: Confirmed cases in India climb to 43! Now, screening of passengers at 30 airports

Coronavirus Updates Live

Coronavirus India News: Kerala Health Minister confirmed that five more people have tested positive for Coronavirus in the state and have been kept in an isolation room.


On Sunday, they saw the second-largest increase in coronavirus cases in India. Kerala reported five more positive cases, which increased the total number of confirmed cases in India. On Monday, the number of cases rose to 43, including a man from Jammu and Kashmir and a three-year-old boy from Kerala who tested positive for coronavirus. A person from Jammu and Kashmir reported high fever and was isolated. His tests showed that the man has a coronavirus infection. Another patient report is still pending. The two recently traveled to South Korea. Five cases in Kerala include a couple and their son, a son, who had returned from Italy affected by the virus and detected coronaviruses at the airport. The landslide troubled the authorities and they asked people to act responsibly and warned against those hiding their travel history. Other states have also taken drastic measures. The affairs of India include 16 Italian who visit the country. The government has improved thermal detection at all points of entry into the country, including airports and ports. States have established several facilities to isolate and quarantine suspicious and confirmed cases.

Coronavirus Updates Live

Meanwhile, a diabetic person from West Bengal, who was in the isolation room of the hospital in Murshidabad, died on Sunday. He was admitted to the isolation room after suspecting coronavirus symptoms. He returned from Saudi Arabia. Blood test results and swabs were expected for COVID-19. A 76-year-old man returning to Ladakh from Iran also died. He had symptoms associated with coronavirus. He was also suffering from urinary tract infection. Your samples have been sent to Delhi for further testing.

On Sunday, the central government refused entry to cruises off the coast of India until 31 March following an outbreak of coronavirus. On Saturday, a cruise ship “MSC Lyrica” ​​with the Panama flag was returned to the new port of Mangalore.

Worldwide, the number of cases of coronavirus was more than 1,05,800, including 3,595 deaths. China reported 22 new deaths on Monday from the new coronavirus epidemic, and the lowest number of new cases since data began reporting in January. The National Health Commission said that 40 new cases have been reported across the country. At the center of this outbreak is a majority in Hubei, Central Province. Excluding one, 22 new deaths in Hubei have brought the number of residents to 3,119. In total, more than 80,700 people have been infected in mainland China. New infections reported by Hubei have seen declines for several weeks.

Italy, on Sunday, recorded the second-highest coronavirus toll in the world, after reporting a sharp jump in deaths — from 133 to 366 — and overtaking South Korea on infections. Italy’s interior ministry said anyone flouting the lockdown risked at least three months in jail or a 206 euro (USD 233) fine.


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