Foods that help us be more vital


We have vacations in sight, but in order to reach our goal and be able to disconnect and relax, we still have a list of pending tasks that seems to never end. We feel that we run out of energy and that we do not reach everything.

To improve our vitality, and to be able to make the final spring before the desired summer reward, it is very important that you do not neglect your diet. Try to maintain order and balance in your meals so that you have energy and all the necessary nutrients to be at peak performance and put fatigue aside.

Fractioning the diet into 5 meals and promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the main recommendations. Avoid superfluous foods and very heavy meals.

One of the nutrients that has been shown to be more related to reducing fatigue and increasing vitality is vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps to activate enzymes in our body that play an important role in the regulation of metabolic energy and some brain assets. For this reason, taking vitamin C could reduce the feeling of fatigue and increase both physical and mental energy.

Professor Vissers, a researcher at the University of Otago, notes that the amount of vitamin C required to feel vitality is higher than the recommended intake, and recommends including foods high in vitamin C daily.

Some of the foods richest in vitamin C are: citrus fruits, kiwis, especially yellow ones such as Zespri SunGold , also strawberries or papaya, and vegetables such as pepper, broccoli or watercress. Include these foods every day and they will provide you with a good dose of vitamin C. Fruits can be a good option to take between meals, they will refresh you and help you not to get too hungry for meals. And the vegetables, take them raw whenever you can, a good gazpacho or a salad of crudités, and if you are going to cook it choose a soft cooking, sauteed type or a steam, in this way you will take advantage of its contribution in vitamin C.


In New Zealand, the effect of kiwifruit was studied, in particular, on mood, and it was observed that young people who ingested two kiwis a day (for six weeks) experienced significantly less fatigue and depression than another group who consumed only half . In addition, the group that took the two kiwis said they felt more energy.

So a good option to increase the vitality in the final stretch before the holidays, and continue to full the summer, is to take 2 kiwis every day. Remember that yellows, which are now at their best, have twice as much vitamin C as oranges, and they are delicious.


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