How to get kids to drink fruit


One of the main objectives of parents is to give our children a healthy diet so that they lack nothing and grow healthy and strong.

It should be noted that as far as the feeding of our children is concerned, we must strengthen nutritional education and not only worry about nurturing them.

I explain myself, our role as parents is to make sure they become healthy and independent adults in every way. So, it would not be the same to give him a shake with all the necessary nutrients (to nourish) to teach him to eat in a healthy way for a lifetime (nutritional education). The final objective will be much more effective, because they will be able to choose correctly.

For a good nutritional education some of the keys are:

  1. Set a good example: Children want to look like their parents and constantly watch us. It has been proven that the more meals are made as a family, the less risk of eating disorders they have later.
  2. Patience: It is estimated that a child needs to try a new food at least seven times before accepting it. We must encourage them to try new things but without forcing, to try it until they get used to the taste and finally they will take the whole ration without being overwhelmed.
  3. The food should not be a reward or a punishment: Nor force a chard plate to eat until you leave the plate clean (“and if you don’t eat it for breakfast!” Or “you run out of dessert”), or “yes you do such a good thing, I give you a chocolate ”. This leads to using food as a reward and favors “emotional intake.”
  4. Let the dish serve itself. It has been observed that children are able to graduate their hunger level very well.
  5. Teach them to listen to their stomach . They have to recognize when they are satiated and not finish everything to please the adult. Respect him if he tells us that he is already full (although he has eaten less than normal, we all have days of more or less appetite).
  6. Let them participate in both the election and the preparation of the meals . The issue is to allow you to eliminate some food you reject while replacing it with a healthy one. For example a salad without cucumber, it is still a healthy salad, but if you are going to enjoy it more, you will take it more often. And you will see that if they have helped prepare it or have intervened in the election, they will accept it with joy.

With these tips you will get your children to eat in a varied and healthy way and as a consequence they will grow healthy and strong. You can apply them to any food group that you want to promote.

For example, to encourage them to drink more fruit. The first thing will be to see you eat fruit.

You can include one at breakfast, and another in a main meal. Let him choose the fruits he likes best and gradually try new ones. Remember that at least one of the fruits must be rich in vitamin C ( kiwi , citrus or strawberries). It is important that the fruit is at its optimum ripeness, you will like it more.

One of the easiest ways to add new fruits is to make Macedonian fruit in which the new fruit is in small quantity. Use the fruit in moments of indulgence, birthday parties or special moments and recognize it as something good and tasty.


From time to time, you can combine it with chocolate or other sweet supplements, but in reality what you will do is disguise it and what you will appreciate will be the chocolate and not the fruit itself. It can be interesting to give it attractive forms and to participate in its creation, or even to think of original recipes to include them in main preparations such as salads.


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