Love you

Love you

It is excellent to take care of yourself. It is fantastic to love yourself. We should all love ourselves enough to eat healthily and exercise. But unfortunately, it seems that we don’t love each other enough or that we well practice a love-hate towards our seasonal body.


That in the coming months I will get tired of listening to people wondering about the diet of pineapple, asparagus, cornet, and detox. Why? Because summer is coming and we all want a six-pack achieved with little effort to delight our followers with the coolest photos of summer. I don’t want to disappoint you, but what you haven’t done all year long, you don’t expect to get it in two months.


And who will listen to me when I say that what they are doing is useless? No one, 20%? And who is going to refute me that no, that this is so, that I am not right? That his neighbor “La Loli” worked for him and, moreover, it has been on TV that “the Preysler” gets fed up with doing alkaline, macrobiotic and spatial diet .

And who is going to do whatever he wants, define himself as: detox shakes, purifying ambrosia soup cooked by Xena the warrior princess, gobble up lemons and pineapples as if there was no tomorrow (remember that your kidneys and your liver already have that function that you attribute to the lemon, if we needed a lemon instead of a kidney to detoxify I think we would already know it), strut in front of his friends of the “perfect” week (“super healthy” food and gym daily) and the weekend of reeds and a couple of betas, that total, I will not stop going out to party and this week I have behaved well, and a long, etc.? Probably more than half.

More than one may feel identified and what he is going to say is nothing new. But, just in case, I give you a series of tips to love your bodies, that you already love the rest a lot (see how we take care of our iPads and Smartphones) Is our case worth only that of our Smartphone?

  1. Physical exercise always. Active life always. Do not confuse them. Difference? Physical exercise is about moving around practicing some sport, be it the gym, going for a run or staying at home hooked to the training of Kayla Itsines. Active life means going up and down the stairs, not taking public transport if it is not really necessary, playing with your child, taking the dog for a walk.
  2. Plan what you will eat weekly. Take the time to go shopping. Know where to go shopping and not take advantage of the 3 × 1 offers in pastries. Learn to read the labels. Read the labels. Learn to cook. Cook, invent, enjoy. Once cooked, do not eat your dish, your girlfriend’s and your neighbor’s. Eat real food, that is, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes. Forget most things that come in a package (processed). Choose. Choose well and also indulge yourself, you are human. Choose what fad, when …

This could be an endless list of things to improve our daily lives and not have to worry about whether summer is coming, my best friend’s wedding or my nephew’s communion. Love your bodies and take care, that we only have one and it has to last us a lot. And if you don’t know how to do it, there will always be a team of professionals at your fingertips that are formed daily to help you.

Love your bodies and take care, that we only have one and it has to last us a lot.


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